How to choose a sport shoes?

It is important to practice sport to stay in shape. Sport helps to prevent certain illnesses and to improve the physical and mental well-being.

However, in order to achieve results, it is practical to have regularity during training. Second, you have to practice each session effectively. So you have to put yourself in the best possible conditions for effective training. In addition, you will need a suitable tracksuit as well as suitable footwear for your training.

For example, if you decide to run with the wrong shoes, you will have a sore foot. For long distances, not only will you have a sore foot but you will also have a sore back and Achilles tendon. As more serious consequences, you can easily suffer from cartilage injury under the kneecap and many more…

To avoid all this trouble, we will share the tips to be followed to better choose your sports shoes.


Choose your sports Shoes

Doing sports is good, with suitable shoes, it's even better.

Here are the instructions to follow to choose your shoes:

  • Choose your shoes According to the sport practiced

You have to notice on TV that every sport has its equipment including its shoes. It is not to be beautiful but rather to better practice their sport.

It is important to choose your shoes according to your sport. For example, if you wear spikes to play football, it will be complicated or impossible to use these shoes to play basketball. For basketball, it is rather advisable to wear sneakers.

If you want to practice fitness, choose shoes now at the ankle. As for tennis practitioners, they use shoes with more catchy soles. For dance fans, soft shoes are perfect for chaining.

  • Choose your shoes according to the rhythm of the sport practiced

It is important to choose your shoe according to the sport frequency. The more you practice your sport a week, the more you have to choose shoes with textures and materials adapted at a high rate. Although they are more expensive, you invest once and for good.

You should know that the more you practice your sport, the more your shoes wear out. On the other hand, a better quality shoe tends to withstand in time than a low quality shoe.

  • Choose your shoes based on your type of foot

You should not only check your size but also the shape of your feet. However, half the men on the planet have universal feet. On the other hand, if you are part of the remaining 50%, you may be uncomfortable with your shoes.

If you have feet facing inwards, then you have pronate feet. It is therefore necessary to choose shoes whose soles are reinforced both on the foot and on the outer edge of the heel.

On the other hand, if you have feet that orient outward, you have supinateurs feet. It is recommended to look for suitable shoes however they are very rare, so you will have to settle for the shoes for the universal feet.

  • Choose your shoes depending on the comfort

You will have to know that it is the shoe that fits your feet and not the opposite. A very wide or very tight shoe will not allow you to practice your sport easily. You have to choose light shoes that are suitable for your foot.


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