How to prepare a bodybuilding competition?

Preparation is for any physical or intellectual competition. As far as a physical competition is concerned, it requires intense physical training in order to be ready to face any obstacle placed in your path. But how to prepare for a bodybuilding competition?

Basic rule for excellent preparation

With a competition such as bodybuilding, it is advisable to prepare yourself using a professional coach of the field especially when you are in your debut. Also, you should avoid any kind of risk or make your own diets or even less take inappropriate food supplements. It is especially on these aspects that coaching a professional is very important for your progression but for the preservation of your physical integrity and your health. Moreover, it is important to know that a bodybuilding competition requires more physical effort, resistance, determination and willpower. However, regular blood tests must be carried out to check for any deficiency and also if your blood glucose level is stable.

There are as many preparations as athletes!

There is no standard preparation rule for a bodybuilding competition. However, the basic rules are very important to keep the form and moral high to face ideally this type of competition. So you have to say that each person and every metabolism are different. The diet, training or supplements are linked to each athlete. Nevertheless, it is important to know that several factors are the basis of a good preparation of a competition namely the mind, the work of the person, the rhythm of life, the habits and many other criteria. Moreover, it is necessary to consider everything because a competition requires a lot of sacrifices, of mental strength but also physical without forgetting time.

Bodybuilding is the alliance of Dietetics, training and recovery.

Training is very important to accustom the muscles to heavy loads but it is also necessary to bring all the adequate nutrients to allow a muscle gain and the definition of muscle mass. This makes it possible to have less fat. It is then advisable to have a good diet allowing to obtain an ideal protein intake. This requires a diet consisting of dairy, red, white, eggs, fish and other foods. As for carbohydrates, you can eat products such as potatoes, greens, pasta, rice, bread, dried vegetables and many more. Lipids also participate in your preparation for a bodybuilding competition. However, the most recommended oils are olive or walnut oils and oilseeds.

After that, rest is highly recommended as it is repairing. This is what allows the muscles to grow better. It is advisable 7 hours of sleep at least and accompanied by a nap of 1 hour if necessary. Also, it takes for each muscle group at least 3 days of recovery before any specific training related to this muscle.

Strength criteria

As previously reported, the development of muscle mass is based on two major criteria namely the harmony of this development and the symmetry thus of the muscular definition. In fact, muscles must be developed according to the category (male or female) in which Bous are planning to perform the competition. This development is done during training using weights and dumbbells combined with a suitable diet. Besides, it takes a harmony and symmetry your body so as not to deform you and to remain beautiful to have. It's the artistic side of bodybuilding. So you have to be balanced and have less fat.

The bodybuilding competition requires a few years of regular training but also a good hygiene of life, a mental of hell, an athletic physique and especially time to do everything.


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