5 exercises to muscle his arms (for girls)

If you like to do fitness, well you will have to do multiple exercises in order to be able to muscle every part of your body. Indeed, every exercise you do is intended to maintain a specific part of your body. It is for this reason that we often see exercises to muscle the buttocks, the arms, the back, and etc. In this article, we will be interested in the exercises that make you muscle your arm. We're going to go through at least five exercises to muscle your arms. This includes women.

Exercise 1:

To be successful in this exercise, you need to take the right position and have a weight at your disposal. If you do not have weight, you can quickly fill a bottle of water and it will serve as a weight for you. So being upright, spread your legs and flex them slightly, then put the weight in one of your hands. Now place the hand with the weight behind your neck and the one that is free at the hip. By inspiring now begin to reach out to the hand that is behind the neck without moving the elbow. Make this movement about 15 times and now change arms. Try to vary the number of repetition and the weight also. If for example you've kept a 1-kilo dumbbell today, next session, increase the weight a little.

Exercise 2:

Take the position of Exercise 1 to the difference that here your two arms must be stretched and forming a right angle on each side. The exercise consists of bringing the arms in a parallel way to the level of your chest, while exhaling. Make this movement 15 times, twice, 30 times but separated by a slight pause between the two parties. Note that you should always keep a weight in your hands for the exercise to succeed.

Exercise 3:

Being upright, with legs slightly bent and spread to the width of the hips, keep with your hands a stick at the level of your neck. The movement to be made here is simple. Just lean forward so that your back is straight and your arms are well stretched while keeping the stick behind your neck, and you return to your original position. If you succeed in the movement, you will see that your body is parallel to the ground when you are leaning forward. Repeat this exercise 20 times.

Exercise 4:

Before doing this exercise, you must stand, both feet well glued to at least 1.5 m of a tree or wall, and put your hands on it. Once ready, start by flexing your arms without trying to loosen the legs and keep this position for 5 seconds and you return to the starting position. Repeat this for five minutes. In addition, please make sure your back is tight otherwise you would not have passed the exercise.


Exercise 5:

To be successful in this exercise, you need to take the right position. Stand up, spread your legs to the hips and flex them a little. In this position, put in each of your hands a weight and stretch your arms along your body so as to properly tighten your elbows against your body. Once that is done, the exercise can begin. And to do so, you only have to bend the elbows stuck against you, until your hands touch your shoulders. Once done, keep the position 30 seconds and then resume the movement.


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