What nutritional supplements are essential in bodybuilding?

The most complete of sports that apply to all the muscles and put the human body to a strain is the bodybuilding. A protein intake is needed to help you develop your muscles and achieve your goals, since attendance in work alone is not enough. But for a fairly fast and easy progression, there are essential proteins. Here are some of these supplements and their targeted actions.

The Whey

In French it is called whey, it is a protein that promotes the development of muscle mass. It is a nutritional supplement in dairy products. The Whey not only develops muscles, it allows you to recover well after your training sessions. It contains amino acids (rich in amino acids) that allow the anabolism.

The body quickly gets to assimilate it, it is also one of the advantages of this dietary supplement. It also contains protein, indispensable for the development of muscle mass.


Creatine allows you to have physical strength. It is the body that has secreted it in a natural way, it is found in animal proteins. There are also dietary supplements that contain creatine monohydrates. You optimize your recovery in a fast way and allow your muscles to quickly progress. It's a complement that gives you more physical strength.

You can take it in the form of powder or tablets to improve your muscle retention, without exceeding a dosage of 5 grams per day. To better assimilate it, it is also advisable to consume it with a sweet drink (like a fruit juice) in order to boost your glycemic rate.


These are essential supplements for our Organization. To avoid muscular fatigue, it is the vitamins that act by boosting energy levels. You need to be more enduring while improving your performance. Vitamins are very essential nutrients for muscle balance. They give protection to your cells and allow your muscles to grow quickly. Be careful, however, with fake vitamins that sell on the black market, not forgetting your doctor's advice before you get it.

Amino acids

The essential nutritional supplements for bodybuilding enthusiasts are the amino acids. To avoid muscle catabolism, amino acids are the ideal complement because of their mixture of valine, isoleucine, and leucine. They allow the acceleration of protein synthesis. It will then be easier for you to have physical strength and gain muscle mass.


Casein is found in dairy products, it is also a useful supplement for bodybuilding. It makes it easier to recover, thanks to the amino acids it releases in the organism. You have to take it preferably during the night before you go to bed, because it is during the night that the muscles develop.


Pre-workouts promote the circulation of blood and stimulation of heart rhythm, hence the increase in physical strength and stamina.


It has often been found in proteins of animal origin (dairy products, meat). It helps to improve your cardiovascular health and allows you to easily digest your fats.


Your immune defenses are reinforced with arginine, which is also an amino acid. Arginine also allows the organism to secrete hormones, responsible for the muscle mass. It is also essential for the metabolism of creatine and nitric oxide of your organism.


It is an amino acid that allows the regeneration of the muscles after a very intense muscular effort.  Glutamine is indispensable for those who train several during the week.


This is an amino acid that the body is not able to produce. In French it is called conjugated linoleic acid. This is a very important supplement to use in a dry period. He also commends the loss of lean muscles.

The carnitine

It is an indispensable complement to the metabolism. It facilitates the transport and removal of fat cells.

The Forskolin

The Forskolin allows to burn fat, it is found in a mint plant as well as in fat burner.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps boost testosterone levels, it's a complement that allows the body to function well.

The betaine

The betaine allows to take muscle mass, it is an indispensable complement for those who do not eat cereal.


Its role is to allow you to take only muscle mass, it does not provide fat.


To produce intense physical exertion, the body needs energy and the role of beta-alanine is to provide it with the necessary.  This is the perfect food supplement for bodybuilders.


Caffeine as its name implies is found in coffee but also in Guarana and Maca. To have more stamina it will take you a lot of concentration and what caffeine provides you.


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