What are the sports exercises to lose belly?

Doctors will not stop telling you that sport is very important to safeguard your health. Not only does it improve mental well-being, it also helps to refine its silhouette.

While the goal of some is to prevent cardiovascular disease, some want to keep fit. So several people practice different exercises to have a beautiful body. On the other hand, they happen that some have complexes on part of their body. Reason why, they want to lose weight only at the level of a part of their body. For example, some want to have bouncy buttocks, others wish to have ABS or some people wish to lose their belly. Moreover, it is popular to stumble upon people at the gym wishing to lose their belly.

In order to do this, specific exercises will have to be carried out according to the target. We will present you in the rest of the article, the exercises to be done to lose the belly.


The different exercises to take belly

Before you make this resolution, you should know that losing your belly corresponds to losing the fat that is at the level of the abdomen. It will therefore have to take care of its food. You no longer need to feed on fatty and sweet foods by taking care to consume foods that will preserve your metabolism.

Contrary to the idea conveyed where the only way to lose belly is to do abs exercises, it is shown that it is more at least false. The classic ABS exercises are coming and going that cause a low movement intensity on some of the muscles in the abdomen. This is why an ABS exercise is not enough to burn any fat that is in the abdomen. It is used instead to tone the muscles in the abdomen but not to burn the fat that is around. However, it recommended among the exercises to practice as also cardio.

Here are the exercises strongly recommended to lose the belly:

  • The sheathing

Sheathing is an exercise that demands a maximum of muscles. It allows to boost the levels of hormones and therefore to burn fat. Better known as a board, it is a simple and very effective exercise that does not require the help of a sports coach or sports equipment. You just have to lean on your elbows to lie down, taking care to have your legs stretched. You will have to check if you are parallel to the ground and if you are on tiptoe. To achieve this exercise, contract your buttocks to maintain the abdominal strap. However, do not arch and try to look at the ground while remaining horizontal. You can also do this exercise in the lateral position.

If you pass the exercise, you will notice pain in the abdomen as well as the belly. This results from the burning of the fat that is found at these different parts of the body.

  • Cardio

Practice cardio helps to effectively burn fat in depth or 67% of calories burned. Cardio exercises are several: You can run, swim, ride a bike or paddle. These different exercises initiate the process of burning fats in your body.

  • The Mountain climber

Still called the movement of the climber, it also does not require material however it is very effective to work the abdominal strap. To do this exercise, simply drop both hands apart on the ground, the bust raised by simulating as if you are climbing a mountain.

  • The Squat

Doing squat allows both to strengthen his buttocks and to have a tonic belly. Although it is more practiced by women, it is also valid for men


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