What studies to become a fitness teacher

Diplomas such as the BPJEPS, BPJEPS AGFF, DEJEPS, CAPEPS, Licence STAPS etc., are an integral part of the elements that sport teachers can wield from time to moment to prove their training. But is this really enough to judge the competence of these? Or to pretend to be a sports coach at home or online? Is it impossible to teach fitness without a diploma? These are the questions that we will be trying to provide a response to in this article.

Why do some people opt for a sports coach?

In the past, to get back in shape, a sports coach was not used personally. The person concerned was both the pupil and the teacher because it defined the types of exercises themselves.  The sportsman practiced his sport in solitary (with machines or without), according to the objectives he set himself. Better, the only place you could go to get the advice of a fitness coach was the gym. Still, not all the halls had one.

The profession of fitness teacher has increasingly invaded the French market because of the high demand. Some people who do not want to practise their sporting activities in public are now establishing a private contract with the latter. Their goal is to do sports just like in the gym under the direction of the coach without feeling embarrassed by the presence of other athletes.

But their mission does not stop there!

Indeed, it is not only the sporting aspect. The coach has the essential role of remotivating his pupil. He teaches him the courage, the strength to move forward and achieve his goals. He is in charge of the behavior of the latter because he plays on his psychology. This state of things is much more valid for private fitness teachers.

Their work is done at times on people who suffer from obesity so discouraged to the limit, stress or overweight. They are people who need a particular follow-up, to be motivated and encouraged in their quest for well-being. And in this case, the coach has the obligation to help them on the psychological level as well. Do you need a degree to do this kind of job?

Is it possible to be a fitness teacher without graduation?

Since the birth of the profession of sports coach at home or online, many wonder if this requires a degree. Given that many people (men as women) have, after several years of sporting practices, acquired enough knowledge, to the point of becoming references in the field.  Whether it concerns the human body namely, the management of wounds, the types of training that work properly pectorals, shoulders, backs, abdominals as in sports like Pilate, cardio, boxing, cycling etc., they have a Excellent mastery. Which arouses their interest in the profession of sports coach. Thus, they will accumulate both what fascinates them and the salary derived from this work.

With or without a State patent?

It is indeed possible to become a fitness teacher or a sports coach without a diploma, because in France, no law requires it in this matter, since it is not considered as a profession. This justifies the exorbitant number of sports coaches that exist day after day.

Nevertheless, not all stakeholders in the field are without vocational training or without a diploma. Even if you can do the job without having to have a professional patent, there are some trainings that can prove the skills they have acquired over the years and make themselves credible to their clients.

But it should also be noted that when we talk about physical and sports education, it is considered a profession and requires a State patent before it can be exercised.


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